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Tiny Tricks is a premium Single line CNC font designed by CNCHero.

Tiny Tricks single line font will increase the productivity of your project by using vector lines instead of vector fills to create your text when using your chosen CNC machine.

This font can be used with all CNC machines and is compatible with the following software

Adobe Premier Pro
Cricut Design Space
Corel Draw
Silhouette Studio

Tiny tricks single line is perfect for wedding invitations, birthday cards or elegant intricate designs for laser engraving machines.

Being a single line font, Tiny Tricks will increase productivity by increasing the performance of your CNC machine and minimizing machine working time.

Raster fonts will create movements from left to right, which create un-necessary passes over your work

Vector stroke or single line fonts will use the exact path that makes up the outline of the font.

After your text has been layed out within your chosen software, you will need to convert it to a vector outline.

Videos on how to do this can be found below




3 reviews for Tiny Tricks Font

  1. helen

    Great for hot foiling

  2. helen

    Fonts are excellent for hot foiling

  3. helen

    Great fonts

    • sam

      Thanks Helen.

      I’ve spent a lot of time on this one to get it right for cnc users as well as Cricut. If you have any suggestions feel free to add them here 🙂


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